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April 2005                    (MS Word format download >>>)

Greetings in the Name of Jesus!

Dear friends here is our news letter April 2005. Sorry we were not reporting for long time. We are aiming to send our newsletters every second month.

First we would like to give glory to our precious Lord Jesus for blessing us so tremendously with your friendship, prayers and offerings to help our ministry in Vladivostok Russia keep going.
We love you from all our heart in Jesus and pray for God’s blessing to abound in your life, family and work for God. Thank you for praying and encouraging.
This is our first letter since august 2004. God has been blessing us by so many things.

In September our church had to move again to a new place. Now we are meeting in a hotel, which is a little bit expensive for us, but there is a good thing about the place. They do not care about our religion, they just make money. Why it is good? Because in most cases when an owner finds out that we are not orthodox church, they usually kick us out. This hotel administration does not care; they just want us to pay in time. Right now, our relationship with them is growing. We got a room to keep all our stuff for free from them. At first they gave us to meet in a strip club that belongs to this hotel complex. This was a little bit confusing for some people that we were inviting for services but not for us. We just started to pray for this business to go down. And what a surprise! Several weeks ago, when we came for church on Sunday we found that strip club was closed. They took the sign off and rearrange the room for something else. Glory to Jesus! Despite of that we had to move from this ex-strip club anyway. There was another problem, a big church that started to meet at almost the same time with us in a next room. This was confusing people because the other pastor’s name is Roman also. Therefore, we moved last week again to a new room on a different floor. Hopefully we will stay there at least till Autumn. We need your prayers because every year we move several times from place to place. That keeps us mobile, Praise God, but unfortunately, we lose people every time we move.

 From the end of September to the end of November, my wife and I had privilege of visiting the US.
In the US we visited several churches: Calvary Fellowship in Juneau, Alaska, a pastors conference in Seattle, several churches in California, Calvary Oxnard, Friends Church, Calvary Redlands, Destiny world outreach center in Texas, Light-House community church in Florida and several others. This was tremendous time of refreshment, fellowship and learning for us. We thank our brothers and sisters for inviting us and letting us to share about Russia, our ministry in Vladivostok, and God’s word. This was a very important time for me personally. God was showing us so many things about the ministry and shaping my vision. We are very impressed by the hospitality of the people that accepted us.
During the time, we were away Victor my assistant and Slava were taking care of the church. They had several special events as a result of those, church got some new members.

 December 26th we had very nice Christmas service. We have a tradition to invite all our friends and relatives for a special meeting “Jesus birth day” We had several performances, for adults and kids. My opinion, for now, it is the most effective outreach in Vladivostok. This time we had more then 100 people. That is pretty good for our fellowship. As usual, we had many happy faces. Kids got their presents but the most significant thing was repentance prayer after the message. I think more then 30 people did it for the first time in their life.

 In January for Russian Christmas, Victor Korotkov, my wife Tanya and I went to Plastun to help with Christmas service and encourage the flock there. They are still under my pastorship even though God has raised a really blessed family Victor and Tanya Pels. This is a first year for Victor and he felt more comfortable if I stay as a pastor to let him have some time to adjust with his new position. If God is willing In August we are planning to lay hands to recognize (ordain) him so he could take full responsibility for the church.
He is doing a very good job in Plastun. At Christmas service, they had about 40 adults and 30 kids. This is a very good result for Plastun comparing to the last year, they had about 15 people coming regularly. There are only two churches in the town with 10.000 people. The other church is a Baptist church. God is blessing them and comparing to other years relationship between churches is growing. We are planning to do several things together with the Baptist church next month and summer.
 Victor my assistant just came back from another trip to Plastun few days ago. They had about 25 people at last Sunday service. Since the time Victor & Tanya Pels took the church, God has made many changes. Now they have a stable core group in church, leaders, musician, and good relationship with administration of the town. While they stay faithful and in unity, God is blessing by new opportunities.

The administration of the town approached them recently with a petition to help to perform Easter celebration. They told: “Pastor we are trying to make a good Easter celebration for several years, and always fail. Since you are Christians, you should know more about Easter. Administration of the town will take care of advertising and gathering people together but we want your church to perform the Easter service” Amazing, Isn’t God Great? We were very encouraged by this news. Therefore, church in Plastun is working hard to come with something that can take hearts of people to God. Please pray with us for this event. It is something Plastun never had before. In Russia this year we celebrate the Ester in May 1st.

Next blessing is a local TV channel. They signed a contract with the church and are going to broadcast video types, Christian movies and other Christian programs for the whole Plastun. They are really interested in those programs. So now we have opportunity to bring good Christian music, movies, cartoons, programs to many homes.

 19th of February, we baptized another 5 people. God is providing a place for us  already many years. We baptize in a sauna with a pool of one of the best cinema theaters in Vladivostok. We use this place since the year 2001. The director of the Cinema theater, Edward, provides it free for as many hours as we need. Edward was saved about 10 years ago in a prison here in Primorye. He was one of famous criminals in Vladivostok before he came to Christ. God has changed his life dramatically. After he was released God blessed him with a good prospering business. Now he owns biggest in our state cinema theaters network in several cities. He belongs to a local Pentecostal church.

 This February God answered our many years’ prayers and restored children’s ministry in our church in Vladivostok. We did not have a single person willing to take responsibility for Sunday school for almost 3 years, now we have three Sunday school teachers. Two of them we just baptized. We started the ministry with a special event for children “A Biggest Gift” where we had a special performance to tell them about the gift that Jesus has for them.
Since February every Sunday, we have a special service for kids.
We are praying for youth ministry also. God has brought many students and young people to the fellowship. We need a good leader for youth.


Almost 5 years we were praying for our own place for church. We were close to buy something several times in different parts of the city, but something would always be an obstacle. Praise God we already signed purchase certificate for a peace of property in Zarya region of Vladivostok. 1400 sq.meters (0,346 acre) of land and a very old and small house of the year 1939. We will not be able to use the house now it is too old, but the peace of land is in a very good location. Zarya is a part of Vtoraya Rechka region of Vladivostok, which has about 100.000 population. In Zarya there is no other church. Therefore, we feel very blessed and have a great hope that some day we will have a house of prayer and worship. We would like to give thanks to God for Calvary Chapel church in Juneau, Matt and Naomi from Sitka Alaska, Friends church (Pastor Bob Mardock) from Lake Ellsinore California, Mel Folkertsma, some of Russians and some others we do not know, for being faithful to God and for financial help to make it happen. We had to borrow a certain amount also, but we believe God will help us to give back the amount during one year.
In the next newsletter, we will send pictures of the property. We are not yet allowed to use the property, take pictures etc, because all the contracts have to go through the city administration for registration. Simply saying city has to recognize the legality of the purchase. When we get everything done, approximately beginning of April. I will send pictures.
Please pray with us for this need. We need to take another big step of faith to believe God for funds for future building. We will need about 100.000$ to complete the project. God is big God but we need a lot of faith.


 This February 18th 2005, my wife Tanya & I celebrated 5 years together. God blessed our 5th year, by giving us a baby. Church blessed us with a special prayer. We really needed this prayer. Please pray for our family. In a few months, Tanya is going to have delivery. Please pray for the safe delivery, healthy child and for God to prepare us for these changes, spiritually and financially. Tanya will have to leave her ministry for a while and will not be able to continue her study. We need a good worship leader to take her place. Please pray for me also so I could keep being focused in the ministry. I think I will have to change a lot of my priorities.
 Recently we got a lot of snow. Now it is melting and fills water reservoir that provides the city with the cold water. Hopefully we will not have water shortages this year. Another thing to be glad of when you live in Russia.

Few days ago I could not get to church. Even our 4 wheel drive minivan got stuck and could not help me to be in time.


Thank you again for being with us in our joy and hardships, praying together and helping to do God’s work in Russian Fareast. We are praying for you with all our heart, and thank God for our big family. We love you all

Roman & Tanya Gorlov, Victor Korotkov and Vladivostok Calvary.




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